Working mainly in Element 3D within After Effects, I got to operate as part of a team creating the show intro for Brett Eldredge’s 2017 tour. Brett’s band had created a grungier, rock induced sound specifically for the intro to his new song “Superhero” that built up to the beginning of the show. Working from storyboard to completion in less than two weeks, my team at Moo and I were able to see one of my favorite pieces of work come to complete fruition under a tight deadline.

We wanted to create an homage to the classic Marvel logo animations while putting a sleek finish over top of the comic book art style. Placing the timeless 2D design of comic books up against a high energy 3D element with a cool color grade felt like an excellent way to bridge the gap between the timeless appeal of classic comics and Brett’s modern aesthetic.

Creating this piece was an amazing learning experience within Element and After Effects, and it is one of my favorite things I’ve ever worked on.