The 2017 NHL postseason was a whirlwind of experience for me, and one I wouldn’t trade for anything. The Nashville Predators, as the last team into the playoffs, miraculously found their way across four rounds and into the Stanley Cup Finals. For the final three rounds of the postseason, Bridgestone Arena did a pregame ice projection show immediately before puck-drop for each Predators home game.

Because of this, Moo Creative was selected to create a custom ice projection show for each round. This resulted in three unique ice projection shows by the end of the season, with my team and I operating on deadlines that were moving targets. Without knowledge in advance of when the next round’s games were – or if they’d end up happening at all – our team had to adapt on the fly and create high quality visuals with basically no turn around. I worked with my creative director to storyboard each segment of each show before delving deep into the world of Trapcode Particular, Saber, and Element 3D all within After Effects to create each piece. Weeks of sleepless nights, coffee, existential crises, and a whole lot of Preds wins later and suddenly we had created over nine minutes of custom projection mapping content to play in front of 20,000 screaming fans.