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“The presidency of Donald Trump so far has been, to say the least, unpredictable. Within essentially every facet of his administration there have been major surprises. From the firing of pretty much everyone you’ve ever heard of to his frenetic twitter feed sharply influencing the Congressional agenda, the president’s methods and plans for the future are typically hard to pin down ahead of time. Perhaps Trump’s most surprising move yet is his recent deal with top Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer regarding DACA and DREAMers – notably without input from top GOP members.

This move across the aisle from the president has gravely concerned pretty much everyone in the Republican Party and has drawn criticism from some unusual voices in a variety of conservative circles. In typical Trump fashion, the announcement of the deal and general messaging surrounding it created major confusion for basically everyone and no one has gotten a very clear answer from the White House regarding what exactly has been agreed to. After time, it appears the originally sheepish mainstream GOP is beginning to fall in line behind the president’s negotiation strategy, but no one seems to be buying that the Republicans are completely on board with this. With this most recent surprise in the Trump Administration, it’s important to evaluate who this type of unorthodoxy is helping and hurting.”