In 2015, I competed in the College-Conservatory of Music’s 48 Hour International Film Festival. In the span of 48 hours, our team of strangers met for the first time, wrote a script, planned a shoot, shot, edited, scored, and completed the short film SUNDAY. The film went on to win awards for Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, and Best Leading Actress. I was the editor, cinematographer, and assistant director of the piece.

I loved this project for so many reasons, but more than anything I loved who I got to work with. A filmmaker from Kenya, E.M. (Eric) Mwangi, was the director I was paired with and his passion for movies was infectious. Along with Eric, I met the producer of our short Alison Sluiter. Alison graduated from CCM with a BFA in Acting in 2016, and she was the producer for SUNDAY. The three of us turned out to be pretty formidable and created what I think is an awesome short film over the course of a couple sleepless nights. Alison’s acting chops as well as leading lady Annie Grove made the shooting easy, and a custom score from CCM composer Sam Beiting written on the last day of the competition was an amazing final piece to our short. I couldn’t be prouder of what all of us created, and I’ve had the joy of working with a lot of my colleagues from SUNDAY on other projects since.