In March of 2017, I worked to create custom graphic elements for projection mapping in the lobby of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) for TedX Nashville. Throughout the duration of the weekend, we blended visuals over the curves and bends of the lobby wall to help bind the entire TedX Nashville experience together between the extensively decorated lobby and the James K. Polk Theater wherein the speakers presented their lectures for the event. We made a variety of perspective-based 3D projections as well as abstract TedX stylized pieces to give the lobby a polished and client-specific look with serious production value. For this piece, I used Trapcode Tao and Shine inside of After Effects. I was also tasked with creating and altering the graphic presentation of each speaker throughout the weekend, working with a variety of talented professionals across the country to fine tune each Ted Talk to their liking.

The chance to project our work over a unique matte is always a thrill, and working to create looks that compliment a three wall, two room palette was a fun challenge. Collaborating with the TedX speakers was an added bonus that helped fuel the creativity of the entire event and it was very satisfying to be integrally involved in each aspect of what turned out to be a really interesting weekend of eye popping visuals and intriguing discussion.

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